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October 22, 2008

Sign of the Times

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My friends, somebody has a sense of humor at Columbus Brothers Homes and Supply on Lebanon Church Road in West Mifflin.

This is the kind of changeable sign we can believe in.

I approve this message.

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Mostly, I don’t shop at stores that promote candidates, religious factions, local gossip or false information. Give me a good price without the bullshit.
Scott Beveridge (URL) - October 22, 2008

Since my 401k and my kid’s college funds seem to be clogging up my toilet, I’ve put out a call for Joe to come and fix it for me. Alas, he is not licensed, and seems to be spending more time in television studios these days than under people’s sinks. Does anyone else find it ironic that a man who actually used to fix things with his hands has become someone who just talks about fixing things? Isn’t that kind of the way things have been going in politics?
Dan - October 23, 2008

Now, now, Scott. I don’t think Columbus Brothers are actually endorsing anyone.

They also have a sign that says “Your Depot for Lowe’r Prices.”

I think someone there just has a sense of humor and likes puns.

I’ve shopped there a few times —- it’s an interesting store for home supplies.
Webmaster - October 23, 2008

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