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April 09, 2009

Mon-Yough Forces Help Pay Tribute to Slain Officers

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Officers from more than a dozen Mon-Yough area police departments joined colleagues from across the United States and Canada today to honor three of Pittsburgh's finest, slain in the line of duty.

Pittsburgh police officers Paul Sciullo II, Eric G. Kelly and Stephen J. Mayhle were gunned down Saturday in the city's Stanton Heights neighborhood after responding to a family dispute.

The unprecedented show of support for the Pittsburgh police and the families of the three patrolmen created a motorcade of more than 1,000 vehicles from Downtown Pittsburgh --- where the officers had lain in state at the City-County Building --- to a memorial service in Oakland at Pitt's Petersen Events Center.

Memorial contributions for the officers' families are being accepted by the Greater Pittsburgh Police Federal Credit Union, 1338 Chartiers Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15220.

Checks or money orders should be made payable to the "Fallen Heroes Fund," and donors may designate how they would like the money to be used. For more information, call the credit union at (412) 922-4800.

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(Editor's Note: The author is proud to be the brother of a City of Pittsburgh police officer.)

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Nice work as always Jason.

My brother too is a cop (Wilmington, DE) and I was on the phone with him as the hearses and family made their way up DeSoto to the Pete – very sobering. Except for the occasional siren or motorcycle rumble, you could hear a pin drop – the sound of respect. Although terribly sad and tragic, I don’t think I’ve ever been more proud to be a Pittsburgher ~ the outpouring of grief and compassion this week has been simply amazing.
Frank J. Curto - April 10, 2009

Thanks, Frank —- and God bless your brother.

I’m glad everyone turned out to honor these three men, but I wish more people had kind words for live police officers, too.

Also, we throw around the word “hero” too lightly, calling people like the Steelers “heroes.”

Reading the story in the Post-Gazette this morning —- which reported that Officer Mayhle charged into the house to try to rescue Officer Sciullo, knowing that he would probably be shot —- really choked me up.

We all like to think that we would be so brave as to die trying to save someone else, but Officer Mayhle was. Those men —- and Officer Kelly —- were, indeed, heroes.
Webmaster - April 10, 2009

I thought Bobby O’Connor’s funeral was unbelievably sad. This one had to be even more so.

Cops are the chosen people.

God Rest their souls and protect their faimilies.

May I reporint portions of this article on my blog?

Councilman Shelly (URL) - April 10, 2009

Next time you see Officer Jim tell him his former neighbors thought of him during this tragic week in Pittsburgh’s history. Thank Jim for his service and his committment to keeping us safe. We’ll keep a blue light in the window!

Donn Nemchick
Munhall, PA
Donn Nemchick - April 10, 2009

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