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February 22, 2010

New Bus Routes Debut April 4; Big Changes in Suburbs

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The most sweeping change in Allegheny County transit service since the 1960s has hit a few glitches already.

One new timetable issued for the Mon-Yough area indicates that McKeesport is at the junction of the Youghiogheny and "Allegheny" rivers, while others say White Oak is the home of the "Overpark Mall."

The same timetables also show Port Authority buses serving Marraccini's Super Market in White Oak.

That would delight White Oak residents, if it were true --- Marraccini's was a beloved local institution until it closed in 2001.

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More Changes to Come: Despite the typos, the changes --- which affect all 60-series local buses around the city as well as the 58-series "flyers" connecting the city with Pittsburgh --- are expected to roll out on schedule April 4.

About 60 routes county-wide are changing on that Easter Sunday. Additional changes will be phased in over the next few years, the Port Authority of Allegheny County says.

Many of the switches in the Mon Valley are identical with those reported by the Almanac back in August.

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Port Vue, Liberty See Big Switches: Locally, the biggest changes will occur on buses serving Port Vue, Liberty and North Versailles Township, when the 60P Port Vue-Liberty route essentially merges with the 60M East Pittsburgh, to create the new 62 Liberty-North Versailles.

The 60P Port Vue currently runs only from 9:17 a.m. to 5:58 p.m., on two-hour headways. Liberty and Port Vue will gain more frequent service --- buses will begin running at 6:11 a.m. and operate on 60-minute headways.

But that service comes at the cost of trips into many neighborhoods in Port Vue and Liberty. Residents will be forced to walk to a major street --- Liberty Way, Washington Boulevard or Romine Avenue --- as buses will now bypass Myer Avenue and Liberty Manor.

Trips to Lincoln Borough will be eliminated altogether.

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Some South Allegheny Service Axed: Commuters who use the 58P Port Vue Flyer and the 58V Versailles Flyer to reach Pittsburgh may be unhappy as well.

They'll now have to go to the bus station on Lysle Boulevard, Downtown, and catch a P7 McKeesport Flyer. Port Authority has announced plans to create a park-and-ride lot at the bus station.

Port Vue and Liberty commuters can also take a 62 Liberty to Lysle Boulevard and change buses.

60B Jenny Lind and 60E Grandview will be combined into a new "61 White Oak" that will be timed to meet the P7 McKeesport Flyer on Lysle Boulevard.

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No Elizabeth Twp. Bus Service: Commuters in Elizabeth Township take a big hit as all service to Greenock, Boston and Central Highlands provided by the 60A Walnut line is being dropped.

The closest service for those riders will be in Versailles via a new "60 Walnut."

"60 Walnut" will operate between the Boston Bridge, Olympia Shopping Center and Walnut Street, through Downtown and over to Crawford Village.

Like the "61 White Oak," the "60 Walnut" will be timed to connect with the P7 McKeesport Flyer to Pittsburgh, according to Port Authority.

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Dravosburg Bus Route Cut: Also eliminated is the 55E bus serving Whitaker and West Mifflin boroughs. That route will merge into the 59A West Mifflin-North Versailles to create the new 59 Mon Valley route.

As a result, residents of Dravosburg and West Mifflin who currently catch a bus on Fifth Street, Goldstrom Avenue or Skyline Drive will now have to walk to Richland Avenue or Pennsylvania Avenue.

However, the new 59 bus could be a hit with people who work or shop at any of the Mon-Yough area's big regional shopping centers --- such as Century III Mall, the Waterfront, the North Versailles Wal-Mart. The new route, shown below, serves virtually all of them without requiring riders to change buses.

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For More Information: A complete list of the affected bus routes is available on the Port Authority's website.

Also available is an interactive system map that allows bus riders to click their route, and see what --- if any --- changes are happening.

Riders who are unable to access the websites may call the Port Authority at (412) 442-2000 or the TTY number, (412) 231-7007, for information.

Notices are also being posted on the affected buses and at major bus stops, Port Authority officials said.

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Feedback on “New Bus Routes Debut April 4; Big Changes in Suburbs”

Wouldn’t former 58V passengers just switch to the 68J which also runs from Olympia?
Alycia - February 23, 2010

No —- because the 68J is being cut in the next round of changes.

Port Authority plans to start terminating the Lincoln Highway flyer bus —- renamed the P76 —- at East Allegheny High School:
Webmaster - February 23, 2010

Stewart Street? Stewart Street? Thats like a glorified alley. Glad to see they found out Beaver Ave wasn’t continuous, but they have a ways to go…
Adam - February 23, 2010

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sfyxaspkax (URL) - May 27, 2013

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