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July 20, 2011

Penn-McKee Correspondence Posted Online


(This is a personal message. Opinions do not represent those of McKeesport Heritage Center or Tube City Community Media Inc.)

There needs to be a clarification issued on the article that appeared July 19, 2011 in the Daily News, and I have asked the newspaper for a clarification.

The McKeesport Heritage Center at no time has asked for ownership or control of the Penn-McKee or any other historic building.

I am not authorized to speak on behalf of the Heritage Center's board of directors, but I can say this unequivocally: I have been told in no uncertain terms that we do not want ownership of the Penn-McKee Hotel.

I have made that very clear to city officials and to the city Redevelopment Authority in every meeting that we've had, and in every piece of correspondence that we've sent.

I have decided to post all of the correspondence --- dating back to 2009 --- regarding this project. Read it for yourself and see what's been going on:

. . .

On a personal note: I've been working on this project for three years, and I feel like I've been beating my head against a brick wall. I'm just about out of energy, and wondering why I've bothered, or even why I care.

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