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January 02, 2013

Personal Note

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The editor took a few days off for the holidays. It seemed like a good time for a break. (Anyway, readership of Tube City Almanac plummets during the weeks of Christmas and New Year's Day, which implies a lot of you are reading during working hours!)

I have to confess that I am really, really tired of pushing this boulder uphill every week, mostly by myself. And I am trying to decide what future direction, if any, this website is going to take.

Short and sweet: If I don't get some real, tangible help soon, I am going to consider closing up the tent, or at least curtailing some of the work I do here.

I'm not looking for sympathy. I'm looking for help.

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Hope you hang in there Jason .. ever try “HARO” Help A Reporter Out?
Donn Nemchick - January 03, 2013

Oops…wrong website == go to
Donn Nemchick - January 03, 2013

Thanks, Donn, but I don’t need that kind of help. ;)

I need ideas. I need voices. I need people who are actually willing to do work. Nobody wants to offer any of those things.

What I get instead are complaints and attacks. Today, for instance, I got a nasty note from the Civil War re-enactors who were in Renzie Park last summer.

They’re upset I published information about them … information that was publicly available on their website!

Remember: No good deeds go unpunished.

I’m just tired of all of the b.s.
Webmaster - January 03, 2013

- March 21, 2014

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