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January 04, 2013

New Fees, Rules OK'd for Renzie Pavilions

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New fees and rules have been adopted for renting pavilions in the city's Renziehausen Park.

Rental of Jacob Woll Pavilion by Allegheny County residents goes from $300 to $400, with a $200 security deposit now required. Rental of other pavilions stays the same, though a $100 security deposit will be required on all pavilions.

Under new rules approved this week by 6-0 vote of city council, renters will be forced to vacate the Jacob Woll Pavilion at 10 p.m. or else pay another $100, and applications will be reviewed by the mayor's office and the chief of police. Renters may also, at the city's discretion, be required to have police on hand to provide security.

The new rules are in part a reaction to the fatal July 28 shooting of Mario Berry, 35, of Duquesne during a family gathering at the Jacob Woll Pavilion.

Groups or individuals wanting to rent the Woll pavilion --- which is being re-named the Jacob Woll Social Hall --- also will be required to provide more information to city officials, as well as a photo ID.

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"The new process is a little bit more in-depth," Mayor Mike Cherepko said Wednesday. "We also will have the option to put a police officer at each event on a case-by-case basis."

"We also had no consistency in the amount of money we were asking for security deposits" at the other pavilions, the mayor added. "Some were $50, some were $75. We think asking for $100 will leave a little less clean-up work for our parks department."

The city recently completed repairs to the roof of the Woll pavilion, which hosts events such as the annual Festival of Trees and the McKeesport Art Group's spring show. In the near future, the city will be painting the inside of the hall and will be seeking funds to air condition the building, Cherepko said.

"With a little bit of work as well as a little bit of ongoing TLC, we think it should be in good shape for some time to come," he said.

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