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April 14, 2005

Nothing to See Here

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I had another project to work on Wednesday night, so no Almanac today. We'll be giving refunds in the alley.

You could go read this New York Times story about millionaire Walter O'Rourke, who owns his own railroad, yet amuses himself by working as a conductor for Noo Joisey Transit. (Tube City hard hat tip to Alert Reader Jonathan.)

Or you could go read Rip Rense's recent Rip Post about his confrontation with a young LaRouchie.

You could even look at Joseph F. Kelly's Life in thisLowCountry, which has had several terrific pieces lately.

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Thanks for posting the link to the story about “millionaire Walter O’Rourke” I’m a few years late getting to the story but managed to still find it on the web. Would be good if you could update the link so that others can read the story.
Many thanks.
Chloe Quadrant (URL) - August 16, 2007

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