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April 29, 2005

A Little From Column A, A Little From Column B

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It's a potpourri, a grab-bag, a veritable mish-mash today. What the heck: It's Friday!

Alert Reader Officer Jim writes: "Apparently our favorite plucky tow-headed 'newsgal' got herself into quite a pickle at Harrisburg International Airport last week. It appears she was asked to step aside and submit to a more thorough search, including a pat-down, by a TSA screener. This must have really distressed our Miss Coulter, to the point where she wrote a column that allegedly resorted to first mocking the name of the security screener and then suggesting that airport security spend their time looking only at 'swarthy' Middle Eastern looking-males. Presumably this would not include our country's good allies, the Saudis."

According to a story in the Harrisburg Patriot-News:

Coulter, a conservative firebrand known for verbally eviscerating the likes of former President Clinton and Sen. Edward Kennedy on Fox News and MSNBC, took aim this time at Krista Snook of Middletown. Coulter began by making fun of Snook's name. It went downhill from there.

"The last time I was mauled like that, I at least got a couple of cosmopolitans and a steak first," she wrote.

Coulter did not respond to requests for an interview made through e-mails and a voice-mail message.

Of course not. Then she'd have to explain herself to a real reporter from the Harrisburg Patriot-News, unlike the clown that wrote the puff piece for Time magazine. The Patriot story continues:

U.S. Transportation Security Administration officials said yesterday they have not received a complaint from Coulter. However, after hearing about Coulter's comments on her Web site, they decided to look into the matter. They interviewed Snook and watched a videotape of the search, TSA regional spokeswoman Ann Davis said.

"Her account of the screening of Miss Coulter was reflected in the tape and it appears [Snook] followed standard operating procedure to the letter," Davis said.

During the investigation, Davis said, agency officials learned that Coulter arrived at the Northwest Airlines ticket counter 30 minutes before her flight, got into an argument there and showed up at the security checkpoint agitated.

Ann Coulter? Agitated? Perish the thought. She's America's sweetheart, Annie is.

Adds Officer Jim: "I hope no one ever examines my hard drive and discovers; I'm perfectly happy with them finding (I like owls, after all) but finding any reference to Ann Coulter would really ruin my reputation if it got out."

Don't worry. We won't tell a soul.


It's a little late to wish people happy Passover now, I suppose, but happy Passover. These people in Arlington, Mass., however, seem a little unclear on the concept. (Tip of the Tube City hard hat to Alert Reader Alycia)


In honor of last night's news conference, here's a look at "One-Take Georgie." And to think that we lost the brilliant oratory of his dad after only four years in office.


Actual letter to the editor of The Washington Post (hard-hat tip: Gene Weingarten):

Among the guilty pleasures I may one day have to account for, I admit to being a regular reader of "Hints From Heloise." But the April 17 column in the Comics section reached a low-water mark. "Mark in Philadelphia" suggested that readers use pencils to fill in crossword puzzles. That way, Mark triumphantly declared, you can erase your answers without messing up the puzzle.

I can accept a certain amount of folksiness, some backwoods simplicity and a fair degree of low-tech common sense from Heloise. But this "hint" is a large step in the direction of devolution of the human species. It's on a par with suggesting that we use spoons rather than forks to eat our soup.

Donald Evans, Washington

Didn't "Donald Evans" used to be the Secretary of Commerce during Georgie's first term? You don't suppose ... ? Nah. Although he does have a lot of free time these days.


Actual email sent by a Pennsylvania newspaper to its circulation department. The names have been changed to protect everyone, especially me:

If you sample again in the ---- area, please do NOT drop a paper off at ---

Your Comments are Welcome!

Anne Coulter, Anne Coulter, Anne Coulter! You will use the most flimsy excuses to reference her almost daily in your blog, and now Officer Jim and the Patriot-News just hand you this one on a silver platter.

You know what I think? I think you like Anne Coulter. I even think that you, like, LIKE like Anne Coulter. That’s what I think.
branedead - April 29, 2005

Oops. misspell…

P.S. In reference to your April 19th comment, “...because she’s attractive,......thus fulfilling one of television’s main requirements….”: She isn’t that attractive. Go to (if you can stomach it) and check out her narcissistic photo gallery. She has the head of a horse (true to her thoroughbred pedigree, I guess rimshot).
branedead - April 29, 2005

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