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January 31, 2008

What Kind of Kids Bring Cyril Hot Dogs?

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In retrospect, signs like that one should have been a tipoff that something was amiss:

The chief forensic investigator for the Allegheny County medical examiner's office once had to go on a hot dog run to Giant Eagle because wieners for a political event for Dr. Cyril H. Wecht's son didn't arrive on time.

Edward Strimlan also told the jury on the opening day of Dr. Wecht's federal criminal trial yesterday that he and other deputy coroners often had to participate in what they called "Wecht details" that were regularly recorded in Allegheny County logbooks.

In response, Wecht's attorneys said, "So what, do you wanna make a federal case out of it? ... Oh, right, sorry."

No wonder Wecht's peeved. The mayor gets to borrow a Homeland Security SUV to ride to a Toby Keith concert, but the feds bust Cyril's chops over a few Sugardale wieners.

Some people say that U.S. Attorney Mary Beth Buchanan just relished the chance to grill a prominent Democrat in a hot, juicy trial.

Though a few suspect Wecht of pork-barrel spending, even they admit he'd never send employees on an assignment that wasn't kosher.

OK, I'll stop now.

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Why do I let things surprise me ?

A few years back, I attended a “Man of the Year” dinner for the late District Justice Armand Martin.
Seated next to me at my table was Dr. Wecht. My wife and I had a lovely conversation with him for most of the evening. I wouldn’t think that he couldn’t be capable of such nefarious deeds.

Seems I was fooled again.
tutti - February 01, 2008

I sat behind Dr. Wecht and his wife at the Manor Theater for a screening of “Shakespeare in Love.”

At one point, I hissed to my date, “That’s Cyril Wecht! Cyril Wecht is right in front of us!”

She said: “Who?”

The relationship didn’t last. Obviously I couldn’t marry a girl who didn’t know Cyril Wecht.

(Actually, that’s not why it didn’t last, but it was a warning sign that we didn’t share many interests.)
Webmaster - February 01, 2008

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